Weekly ticket Analysis

Get value from your support conversations

A faster categorization and more targeted reports for your colleagues

You don't need to tag all your tickets. And you don't need to report on all your tickets. All you need is a sample big enough to tell you what the biggest questions were this week. And UserChamp can help you do just that.

A streamlined weekly deep-dive for you

Every week Categorizer pulls a sample of your tickets and asks you to categorize the tickets and mark any that should be highlighted to any of your colleagues.
You can also add comments to make specific suggestions to changes in products or processes that would help solve the problem in the email.

A weekly collection of suggestions for your colleagues

Based on your categorization and comments, your colleagues get a single report focused on what they care about. A report listing specific suggestions that will help them get the results they are looking for.

And get a weekly overview of topics and actions

Your weekly overview summarizes the break-down of support emails and suggestions provided to your colleagues.